sábado, 8 de janeiro de 2011


Congrats my shining star. Hope you enjoy. By the way, a toast!

"If you're waiting for love
I'm here waiting for you.
I will save you from pain.
Give away my name.
If you're waiting for love.
I'm waiting for you.
We all want fame and love.
Test my blood and I'll test your tears.
Some things never change, my dear ... "
(Ryan Star)


By Monica Blue

The words seep through the pen as feelings encoded.
Sweet words, harrowing, joyful, so much to say to you.
I just wanted to sleep looking at you sleeping.
Say good night whispering in his ear.

The sky has so many shining stars, but only one matters,
one that shines more and calls to me.
You are the star of my night sky.
The sun that lights the morning.

Everything is so sad, dark and lonely without you.

I live to find you
And die just to be by your side.
Dream just to be in your arms
If only for seconds in an imaginary world.

I just can not forget.
There is so much to tell.
But we're like the sun and the moon.
So far apart.

I'm so lost away from you.
Everything about you is sacred to me.
Your eyes, your mouth, your voice, everything.
I wait as long as necessary.

You're the star I want to achieve.
I take my feet off the ground and hope to fly
Up to you.
One day it will be real.

I feel the magic take care of everything.
Just when I think of you.
Words that come in some way.
How does your music come here and change my world.

Words felt.
Words sung.
A bit of me
And a piece of you.

When I hear you think
I can fly.
I can touch the sky.
Just hearing his voice I'm in heaven.

There must be some explanation of the universe
To live without Romeo Juliet.
This love will continue where I am.
Why is something that never died

Cheers and many kisses singer friend!

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